From Design to Installation
ESTC supports its own partners and customers through
designing and sizing of air lines the development of customized
solutions for machine and production lines.                                                                              
Consulting on standards, information                                                        
and technical trainings, installation,                                                 
maintenance and testing of the systems.
What we offer
Designing Supply & Installation
We provide our clients with integrated solutions
for compressed air and piping systems through
design, inspection and auditing of piping networks
with high precisions devices and well trained engineers
Requirments Identification
Selection, Sizing & Designing
Integrated Solutions by ESTC
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Services (Air)
Find leaks quickly and easily with Ultrasound technology
Ultrasound leak detection covers a wide range of leaks: pressure or vacuum and any type of gas.
Sound dependent: ultrasound instruments detect the turbulent flow produced as the gas moves from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of a leak. Using the characteristics of Ultrasound, locating leaks is fast and easy to do so because of:
- Directionality of sound waves makes locating the source easy
- Intensity of signal: the closer you get, the more sound you detect
- Fixed frequency, making it effective to locate even in a loud factory environment!
In many facilities Ultrasound detection instruments are used for safety, environmental, energy or quality assurance programs:
- Compressed air costs money! Avoid energy loss by fixing your leaks
- Industry average 31% of energy use can be avoided by just fixing leaks!
- Reduce running hours / wear and tear on existing equipment
- In many cases a lower spec or shut down of a compressor can be the result
- Specialty gasses
- Cost avoidance, expensive to buy or produce
- Environmental impact of certain gasses
- Production efficiency
- Achieve better efficiency of the process
- Run pressures or vacuum pressures at desired levels
- Inspection efficiency & inspector safety
Energy Management Services

- Supply and installation for screen filters, all required sizes for pretreatment stages.
- Supply and installation of all required pumps for wastewater treatment plants.
- Manufacturing and installing distributors for water and air.
- Supply and Installation of air blowers with all its fittings.
- Supply and installing skimmers for removing of suspended solids whether it’s in floating or precipitating form.

- Increasing bacteria to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment plant.
- Increasing air entering oil and grease separation stage to increase the efficiency of separation.
We offer all installation services and maintenance for wastewater treatment plants
Biological Treatment Technology:
Electro-Coagulation Treatment Technology (GANOXI):
- Establishing wastewater treatment plants by electro-coagulation technology (GEF).
- Supply and Installation of electromechanical equipments for wastewater treatment plants.
- No addition of chemicals required.
- Life time of the wastewater treatment plant by this technique (GEF) ranges between 5 to 15 years.
- It can be added on the existed water treatment plant whether it’s chemical or biological to increase its capacity and efficiency.
Water Management Services
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